Premiumisation is a trend everyone in this industry is fully aware of; for a number of years consumers have been thinking more about what they are drinking and being more engaged with products.

There’s no doubt many people will be well aware of the stats from organisations like IRI and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which show that consumption is going down but spend is going up. This points to more thought about drink choices and actively making the decision to drink less, but being happy – as a result – to spend more.

This trend of drinking less spending more means those products with high quality values are flourishing, hence the rise in categories like craft beer and craft spirits. It is no longer simply about ABV and ‘bang-for-your-buck’ it’s about flavour, authenticity and provenance.

These last two, authenticity and provenance, have been a big factor in the rise of many craft beer brands, and have also been factor in driving growth in the food industry. Consumers are also placing increasing value on brands and products that are both high quality and trustworthy. Part of this is enabling consumers to understand the source of ingredients – the rise of local brewers and distillers using local products is an indicator of how important this is.

Those brands which tell a genuine and compelling story, a story that emphasises the quality of their products, the premium formulations and natural ingredients are finding success in the market.

One company delivering on all these fronts is Buderim Ginger, fine purveyors of all things ginger since 1941.

“Buderim Ginger’s range of alcoholic ginger beers delivers against the authenticity and provenance trends with a long standing, trusted brand,” said Tom Mihos, National Manager – Beverages, Buderim Ginger.

“Buderim Ginger’s range is crafted to deliver a distinct flavour hit like no other. Distinctive and innovative, the range combines only the freshest Australian ginger juice with your favourite tipple delivering a punchy ginger bite and a uniquely refreshing taste.”

It’s not only the ingredients and ‘locally sourced’ trends that helps Buderim drive engagement with its consumers, its provenance stretches back over decades and it is still delivering today.

“Buderim has over 78 years of experience in creating ginger products,” Mihos added. “Buderim Ginger’s refreshing mix of alcoholic ginger beers successfully delivers a superior flavour profile in eye catching packaging that connects with people looking for something different with a premium look and feel.”

The Buderim range consists of two variants: Alcoholic Ginger Beer and Ginger Beer & Spiced Rum, both of which come in 330ml bottles and 250ml cans.

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Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.