Across both alcoholic and non-alcoholic products the Australian liquor sector is well-known for its clever innovation and new product development (NPD) as consumer trends and tastes evolve and develop.

This ever-changing and developing landscape is one of the many dynamic and wonderful things about our industry, but what does it mean for venues across Australia? How can they keep up? How can they be sure they are stocking the right products and best meeting consumer needs?

Take Dry July, for instance, the non-alcoholic drinks category has exploded over the last 12 months, with far more non-alc beers, wines and spirits available than we have ever seen. More people are taking part in initiatives like Dry July than ever before, so how do retailers and venues make the most of this opportunity and not get left behind?

Consumers are increasingly looking to maintain their social drinking occasions, having a wine with dinner, a beer with friends or a G&T over Zoom and embracing well produced non-alcoholic options in those occasions, rather than reverting to soft, high sugar drinks.

Many venues are often restricted to the choices provided to them by their existing suppliers, wholesalers and distributors, meaning purchasing decisions are made more on what’s available rather than what’s in consumer demand.

One simple way to overcome these issues, and make sure your venue or store is at the forefront of consumer habits, is to sign up to the Kaddy platform.

By complementing their existing trading relationships with a free Kaddy account, venues now have instant access to the latest products from hundreds of suppliers across beer, wine, spirits, seltzers, non-alc products and more, including some of the most in demand beverages brands available.

Kaddy Co-Founder, Rich Coombes said: “Kaddy’s hassle free click and connect functionality means a venue can instantly trade with any supplier on the platform. In just a few seconds, a venue can go from product search to placing their first order with no need for additional credit apps.

“On average, 150 new products are added to Kaddy every week (including often hard to source seasonal and limited releases), with new suppliers joining daily.

“These products can be easily searched and filtered by category, like ‘seltzer’ and ‘non-alcoholic’, by dozens of keywords, like ‘Pétillant Naturel (Pet Nat)’, ‘Hazy’, and ‘Australian made’, and sorted by date added and even popularity.”

Kaddy is currently home to over 350 different suppliers, meaning there is a huge range of products available across a wide range of consumer tastes and habits. The platform is seeing, on average, a new supplier joining up every day, so Kaddy is undoubtedly a key tool offering easy access to higher margin craft products from a wide spectrum of suppliers.

The pandemic has seen some shifts in consumer behaviours and habits, but premiumisation remains a massive influence in the industry. Consumers are continuing to drink less, but spend more on their

drinks, meaning having access to premium products and offering new products to consumers is key to doing better business in the current COVID trading world.

Kaddy offers a simple to use platform and easy access to a wide range of products and it is free for venues to sign-up and use – so what do you have to lose? Don’t miss out on the latest trends and product innovations, sign-up for your free Kaddy account today –

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.