Everything about gin leads to juniper. From the origin of the word, to its technical descriptions in markets around the world, what you do not escape from is that gin is about juniper.

For instance the English word for the drink of gin is a shortened variation on the old word genever, adapted from the Dutch word jenever, which is derived from juniperus, the Latin word for juniper.

Coming into more modern times you look at definitions of gin. In the United States, gin is classed as “an alcoholic beverage of no less than 80 proof, that possesses the characteristic flavour of juniper berries”. The European Union actually lists four different styles of gin, with technical specifications on how each is made determining how it’s classed.

There’s no need to go into each of those in detail, but each has one crucial thing in common:

  • Classic Gin – “these are the juniper-flavoured spirit including the earliest class of gin…”
  • Gin – “this is a juniper-flavoured spirit made not via the redistillation of botanicals…”
  • Distilled gin – “in the presence of juniper berries and of other natural botanicals, provided that the juniper taste is predominant…”
  • London Dry Gin – “the predominant flavour must be juniper…” 

There simply is no escaping the crucial, the absolute importance of juniper when it comes to gin and the new Bone Dry Gin from Archie Rose displays this like never before. Bone Dry Gin features hand-picked Macedonian juniper that has been distilled in three different ways using the copper pot-column hybrid vacuum stills, to draw out diverse flavours. It’s a hedonistic, triple juniper experience with an ultra-dry finish.

That triple experience means Bone Dry Gin is an incredible expression of juniper offering a generous approach with apple blossom and lime blossom which makes way for the piercing aroma of juniper and bold pine accented with citrus and floral nuances. After a moment the aroma of mango and lemongrass can be spotted as the lemon scented gum comes through. On the palate a supple start makes way for a rich herbaceous resolution with bracingly dry woody pine.

Bone Dry Gin is also a stunning display of what Archie Rose can now produce thanks to the ground-breaking distillation process it can carry out at its new Banksmeadow Distillery.

The distillery is home to copper pot-column hybrid vacuum stills, the only example of their kind in the world, and these stills re-write the traditional blueprint for distillation and using botanicals and put Bone Dry Gin into a league of its own.

These world-class stills eliminate the damaging impact of heat on delicate botanicals, leaving the team free to explore the many attributes of this multifaceted ingredient.

The three distinct expressions of juniper are joined by single estate Australian coriander seed, native lemon scented gum and emerald green finger lime, which combine to accentuate the juniper’s pine aroma.

Archie Rose Founder, Will Edwards is in no doubt about Bone Dry Gin: “This is absolutely the best gin we have ever produced,” he said.

He added: “This release is an incredible expression of juniper, but also what our new distillery is capable of. It’s a showcase for our unique cold distillation process which allows us to honour the purity and clarity of the botanical distillates to deliver maximum flavour and balance.”

Master Distiller, Dave Withers, is similarly enthusiastic about the gin, he said: “With Bone Dry Gin, we’ve revelled in the hedonistic use of juniper to expose the many attributes of this multifaceted botanical.

“This gin rigorously balances power with nuance, poise and complexity providing a love poem to every great gin moment and every delicious gin cocktail.”

This limited-edition gin is not to be missed. It’s a nod to time-honoured dry gins, and is available now from all good wholesalers.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.