With high energy demands, shipping around the world and the use of glass, metals and aluminium there is a lot of demand on resources and the potential for a high impact on Earth through much of this industry.

Fortunately though many producers and suppliers are increasingly thinking about their own footprint on the planet and looking at ways to make a positive difference.

Whether it’s a shift to lighter packaging, increased use of recycling or developing organic farming techniques there are many ways, throughout the supply chain, that a difference can be made.

This then flows on into venues and homes as people buying products are being increasingly influenced by a brand’s environmental credentials.

For one company in particular the challenge to think about the environment and make decisions that will make a difference has been taken to a whole new level.

The Purveyor of Better initiative from 78˚ is about being Crafted for Better. This way of thinking underpins everything the distillery does and is the inspiration behind the new release – 78˚ Better Gin.

For 78˚ this means making decisions around production and operations that will not only drive the best outcome for producing the highest quality product possible, but also the resultant impact they will have on the environment.

Adelaide Hills Distillery and 78˚ Founder Sacha La Forgia said: “This ideology is not just about quality; it is our commitment to ensure every bottle our customers pick up is a benchmark world-wide.

“When we say benchmark, we reference not only the liquid consumed but the rigorous processes that go into crafting it.

“From the procurement of endemic Australian ingredients to the laborious approach to sustainability through the distilleries water program and 300kW of solar production, the philosophy of ‘Be Better’ drives Adelaide Hills Distillery from its core.”

This has seen the distillery make a huge investment in solar energy, so much so that it is regularly contributing energy back into the grid. All the water is sourced on-site and whatever water does not leave the distillery in a bottle, is put back into the site’s crops.

La Forgia added: “Everything we do is always thinking into the future. I’ve got 40 years until I retire and my partners are very similar so we’re not looking for short-term goals.

“Everything we do is set up for the long-term.”

The Puveyor of Better initiative is being driven by the new 78˚ Better Gin, which has been created with the four elements of ‘Crafted for Better’ in mind – quality, sustainability, local produce and community connection.

Crafted using Australian botanicals, 78˚ Better Gin also comes from the sustainable practices used at the distillery, but the team felt there need to be more and so a portion of sales from the 78˚ Better Gin goes directly back to the local community and charity.

“This is what ‘better’ looks like to us. It’s not just about the phenomenal liquid in the glass, it’s an initiative that is rooted in social impact.”

One of the charities that will benefit from sales of 78˚ Better Gin is the COVID-19 Employee Assistance Directive (COVID-19 EAD).

The Directive was established by a team of Melbourne hospitality operators, initially to help their own staff after their venues were closed now, and soon grew into providing thousands of free meals to Victorian hospitality staff.

So by buying a bottle of 78˚ Better Gin, you know you are doing your bit on different levels. Not only can you be confident you are supporting a brand driven by a commitment to minimising its impact on the planet, but you are also helping your hospitality brothers and sisters in Melbourne and putting food on their tables.

To find out more about better means to Adelaide Hills Distillery head to the website, or contact your local SouthTrade International rep for more information about 78˚ Better Gin and the Purveyor of Better initiative.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.