The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard.

The tough situation and uncertainty has caused owners and management to rethink their resourcing, opting for leaner administration that leverages technology to do more with less staff. On the other hand, the pandemic has also increased focus on the importance of employee welfare and the overall employee experience.

One player who understands how to meet the needs of publicans in this changing hospitality landscape is vSure. Managing director Matt Paff explained that’s why their client numbers are growing even in a pandemic, most recently with the addition of Australian Venue Co.

“These two trends, leveraging technology for automation as well as a focus on employee experience, is why vSure exists. They have been our focus for 8 years! And it is why the likes of AusVenueCo came onboard through the pandemic,” Paff said.

Both now and even before the Coronavirus, Right to Work compliance has been a major obligation for pubs while also being one of the most headache-inducing. For Australian Venue Co, the current situation meant it was even more important to stay on top of.

Rachel Checinski, general manager of HR at Australian Venue Co said: “We have supported our visa staff to remain with us, but for us it was important to understand exactly the visa types when considering JobKeeper. vSure made that a lot easier.”

vSure has grown to become the industry standard solution for employers in the hospitality industry to meet their Right to Work compliance obligation, deliver an awesome employee experience and have a streamlined HR and recruitment workload.

In addition to Australian Venue Co, it’s the choice of many of the country’s most well known groups, including Solotel, Universal Hotels, The Boathouse Group and many more.

The industry continues to choose vSure as their compliance solution not only for its great reputation, but for its proven ability to give valuable time and energy back to publicans so they can focus on other things.

“Every employer has to check every employee they onboard for their legal right to work. This means collecting proof of Australian Citizenship or a foreign Passport which the employer then uses to perform a VEVO check. In the case of non-citizens, you have to keep checking their visa status throughout the time they are employed with you,” vSure’s Matt Paff said.

“This all takes time and emails and manual data entry… vSure streamlines this end to end, saving recruitment and HR teams an enormous amount of time and effort as well as creating an awesome experience for the employee or candidate!”

One of the big things that sets vSure apart in its Right to Work compliance solution is how it offers easy multi-venue management and seamless integration with ATS, HRIS, Rostering and/or Payroll. Considering its solid history of success and an independently certified expert level of security as well, using vSure is not only easy but also low risk.

There’s never been a more important time to make sure your Right to Work compliance is in order and set yourself up for the best possible future.

“Apart from avoiding massive fines for non-compliance, the key driver for compliance these days is protecting your brand and company reputation – foreign worker infringements are front-page news items and potentially, severely damaging to your brand,” Paff said.

It’s also never been a better time to automate your Right to Work compliance with vSure from a financial standpoint. Under the special ‘2020 can Fifty% off!’ – sign up before the end of October to receive 50 per cent off until 2021!

Why wait – tell 2020 to Fifty% off with vSure and get rid of your Right to Work compliance headache today.

Brydie Allen

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