In 2014 the Adelaide Hills Distillery was founded by Sacha La Forgia, and the following year the 78˚ Classic Gin was launched and it quickly gained a reputation as a high quality small batch gin showing unique Australian characteristics.

Since then the distillery has expanded its product range, increased its production capabilities and installed an ethos that runs through the entire company – Crafted for Better.

Explaining the principles of this ethos, La Forgia said: “‘Crafted for Better’ is a statement and mantra that reflects everything we believe in around quality hand-crafted spirits, sustainable production, the use of mindfully gathered Australian botanicals and the connection to local community.

“It’s at the heart of everything we do, and something we firmly believe makes for a better, more enjoyable and sustainable world.”

It’s also the inspiration for the latest releases from the distillery, the 78˚ Classic Gin and Tonic RTD and the 78˚ Sunset Gin and Tonic. Both pre-mix creations embody the original award-winning spirits and then are expertly blended with Adelaide Hills Distillery’s own unique house-made tonic.

La Forgia added: “The Classic is the gin that started the Adelaide Hills Distillery story. It’s a complex, smooth and savoury gin distilled from a grape base and vapour infused with 12 specially selected botanicals. A classic gin with bright citrus aromatics, delicate floral and pine notes and warm underlying spice.

“In the pre-mix can it’s a smooth yet complex gin that will redefine your G&T.”

And with regard to the 78˚ Sunset Gin and Tonic, he said: “Our Sunset Gin is distilled from a grape base and infused with individually vapour infused botanicals, blending traditional Juniper with unique Australian natives such as Strawberry Gum and Rosella.

“This is a floral and herbaceous gin with leafy aromatics and complex notes of ripe red berries, plum and strawberry.

“A vibrant pink colour reminiscent of an Australian sunset. And that’s just how we recommend you enjoy this gin and tonic – at the end of the day, feet up, watching the sun go down.”

Both of these RTDs complement Adelaide Hills Distillery’s Purveyor of Better initiative, which has been designed to highlight exactly what ‘Better’ means to everyone at the distillery.

The initiative is designed to challenge everyone to do better in venues, at home and in local communities, in line with the four elements of ‘Crafted for Better’ – quality, sustainability, local produce & community connection.

These RTDs have been “crafted better with nature” and for 78˚ this means making decisions around production and operations that will not only drive the best outcome for producing the highest quality product possible, but also the resultant impact they will have on the environment.

La Forgia said: “This ideology is not just about quality; it is our commitment to ensure every bottle our customers pick up is a benchmark world-wide.

“When we say benchmark, we reference not only the liquid consumed but the rigorous processes that go into crafting it.

“From the procurement of endemic Australian ingredients to the laborious approach to sustainability through the distilleries water program and 300kW of solar production, the philosophy of ‘Be Better’ drives Adelaide Hills Distillery from its core.”

That water program means whatever water that does not leave the distillery in a bottle, is put back into the crops on site, and in terms of solar, now the site is generating so much solar energy that it is regularly contributing energy back into the grid.

Adelaide Hills is a distillery rooted in social impact, from sustainability and minimising impact on the Earth to considered choices around production and operations. The 78˚ Classic Gin and Tonic and the 78˚ Sunset Gin and Tonic RTDs are drinks borne of that mentality and are truly Australian drinks, perfect as more and more Australian consumers bring local and sustainable influences into their shopping decisions.

To find out more about what better means to Adelaide Hills Distillery head to the website, or contact your local SouthTrade International rep for more information about 78˚ Classic Gin and Tonic and the 78˚ Sunset Gin and Tonic RTDs and the Purveyor of Better initiative.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.