It might start with a few small things such as printer jam, power shutdowns intermittently or the touch screen starts to get sensitive spots, but as they start to build the inconvenience will add stress to running your venue, staff frustrations and potentially the venues profitability. Here’s a few reasons why you should look to upgrade your old tired Point of Sale hardware.

  • Robust hardware
  • Greater speed and efficiency
  • Better ability to incorporate new advances in technology
  • Less prone to failure and maintenance needs
  • Improved functioning capabilities

If your current hardware and software solution isn’t providing the performance your venue deserves perhaps it’s time to talk to one of Vectron’s Hospitality Consultants to discuss our latest WANTED OFFER, we’re buying your old tills at

After all, your business is your lively hood and if your POS solution is starting to slow and let you down time might be right.

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