By Andy Young

Three of Australia’s major on-premise wholesalers have come together to form 100Proof, a new independent on-premise drinks specialist.

The company is formed from Liquid Mix in Western Australia, Paramount in Victoria and New South Wales and Liquid Speciality Beverages from Queensland. It will be led by general manager Duncan Baldwin, who previously worked with on-premise wholesaler Matthew Clark in the UK, before moving to Australia where he has worked for Westfield and Suntory.

100Proof has said it will be a “one-stop drinks solution delivering extensive product ranging, marketing support, staff training and other tools to over 5,000 restaurants, bars and hotels around Australia.”

“The growth of small bars in Australia has brought a new energy and dynamism to the bar and restaurant culture,” Baldwin said.

“Customers are not looking for the standard fair. They want a personalised approach that acknowledges their differences and help to make their venue be successful and stand out from the crowd. All venue owners and managers want to deal with people who share their passion for the bar and restaurant industry and who understand how different running a bar is to running a bottle shop.”

Directors Paul Murphy (Liquid Mix), Mark Rowe (Paramount Liquor) and Darren Terlich (Liquid Specialty Beverages), bring over 70 years’ combined experience to 100Proof, which is aiming to act as more of an advisor than a regular wholesaler.

Murphy said: “We have built on our long experience of working together and shared values in delivering a trusted, credible on-premise wholesaler network, where transparency and honesty are key motivators to customer relationships.

“Because the three companies forming 100Proof have specialised in on premise, there is a deep understanding of the different types of venues that make up the category. We have created an offer tailored to those needs to ultimately enhance the overall drinking experience for the people that visit and enjoy these venues around Australia every day.”

In a statement about the establishment of 100Proof, the company sought to explain that it will be business as usual for the existing customers of the three businesses involved.

The statement said: “While personalised and tailored solutions are at its core, 100Proof understands the need for an open and easy customer relationship. Except for national accounts, which require a national structure, it will be business as usual in terms of the customer and supplier contact with Liquid Mix, Paramount Liquor and Liquid Specialty Beverages. 100Proof will simply act as a layer on top of these existing businesses offering a true one-stop solution for the on-premise trade throughout Australia.”

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