FAME Trivia is Australia's largest Trivia Night company and we pride ourselves on having great hosts and great quizzes. We currently run over 110 shows a week around the country. Our website is www.fametrivia.com.au 

The cost for a weekly FAME Trivia show is $270 + GST. (Your 5th and 6th shows however would be on a complimentary basis). This price includes the host, answer sheets, pens, pa gear and everything but the prizes. We also include complimentary promotional material including posters, coasters and flyers. Our quizzes run for around 2 hours 15 minutes and do include audio/music segments and visual segments (i.e. Pic a Pic page).

Our other standout features include:

  • No question repeated for over 5 years in your venue.
  • No Jackpot question ever repeated in your venue.
  • $10,000,000 of public liability insurance.
  • Player numbers recorded every week.
  • All hosts professionally trained to run a great Trivia Night, build patronage and to encourage player spending.
  • Your venue listed under "Now Showing" on our website
  • A link on our website to your venue's website.
  • Players are encouraged to join “The FAME Trivia Club” to be on our database. (It allows us to promote directly to them anything you like)

Please call or email me Tim Shorter  if you would like a sales kit mailed out or for one of our sales reps to come and meet with you in person.

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