Recently releasing its new Whisky & Cola RTD range, 23rd Street Distillery now offers a range of Australian whisky products crafted for Australian tastes.

The Whisky & Cola RTDs provide an Australian-made option for fans of the classic mixed drink, blending the full, malty flavours of 23rd Street Australian Whisky with refreshing cola. The two different strengths provide slightly different experiences, with the six per cent can highlighting oak, vanilla, and toffee, whereas the whisky-dominant eight per cent version offers stronger notes of spice and citrus.

Sarah Camerlengo, 23rd Street Brand Manager, explained the inspiration behind the range.

“We invested a significant amount of time in the early stages of creating our new Australian whisky range ensuring we could answer some very important questions: what do Australians want in whisky, and is there opportunity to insert our brand into the fiercely competitive imported whisky category,” she said.

The RTD range joins 23rd Street Distillery’s Australian Whisky, which is distilled and aged in the historic Barrel Hall in South Australia’s Riverland. The climate of warm, dry summers and mild winters results in a bold and distinctive spirit with impressive colour, aromas, and flavours.  

Tasting notes describe aromas of citrus, orange blossom and caramelised fruit, with a palate that opens with rounded malts, oaky vanilla, and rich honey, leading into a creamy finish of spice, dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and toffee.

Camerlengo wants the 23rd Street Distillery whisky range to be approachable for all kinds of whisky drinkers, from the category newcomer to the modern whisky aficionado.

“This new whisky range is made by Australians for Australians, and it is designed to be enjoyed any way you like. In a glass on ice, in a fancy cocktail or with a can in hand enjoying good food and good company.”

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