South Australia’s 23rd Street Distillery has released its first Whisky & Cola RTD range, offering both a mid-strength and higher ABV option.

Dark RTDs have a dedicated consumer base, and Australian consumers are looking for quality, locally made products. To respond to this demand, 23rd Street Distillery has released two new Australian whisky RTDs; Australian Whisky & Cola 5% and Australian Whisky & Cola 8%.

The whisky used in the new RTDs is matured in 23rd Street Distillery’s Barrel Hall, where the Riverland area’s warm, dry summers and mild winters create an ideal climate for maturing an intensely flavoured whisky.

Sarah Camerlengo, 23rd Street Brand Manager, explained the process behind developing the 23rd Street Distillery whisky range.

“We invested a significant amount of time in the early stages of creating our new Australian whisky range ensuring we could answer some very important questions; what do Australians want in whisky, and is there opportunity to insert our brand into the fiercely competitive imported whisky category.

“After discovering that 95 per cent of whisky available is imported, we knew our job was to challenge this and prove that we have everything we need right here on our doorstep. We set out to create a whisky that’s designed to be savoured and enjoyed in the same climate as it’s matured in, and this is exactly what we’ve achieved with these new products,” she said.

The whisky is matured for a minimum of two years in heavily charred oak barrels, resulting in strong nutty and oak notes. The cola adds a classic and refreshing element to the products, as well as highlighting the flavours of spice and vanilla in the whisky. The higher ABV Australian Whisky & Cola 8% responds to growing interest in higher ABV products, as well as providing a stronger whisky flavour due to the higher concentration of the spirit.

The new range is available now in a 4-pack format, distributed by Vok Beverages.

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