With the industry taking considerable measures and embracing new technologies to maintain a COVID-safe environment – and the World Health Organization now acknowledging the risk of airborne transmission – one technology is standing out as a game changer for the industry.

The OHAir system is unique solution which provides 24/7 treatment and removes 99% of surface as well as airborne pathogens in 15-30 minutes, including COVID-19. Using no chemicals and completely human-safe, the OHAir system from Hunter Technologies uses FDA approved technology which emits hydroxyls into the air and surfaces of a room – which quickly react with pathogens and significantly reduce viral transmission risk. OHAir is the only solution that fits this airborne treatment role in an operational environment, as it can operate continuously in any occupied indoor space.

OHAir is available now from Hunter Technologies. The OHAir range includes the MySpace system – a portable unit suitable for individual rooms, and the MDU5, a fixed system installed within the air conditioning system for large areas. Find out more at www.OHAirSystem.com.au or call Hunter Technologies on 1300 693 357 for more information.

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