Bepoz is Australia’s leading supplier in all these four fields, and serves as a total solution provider for venues wanting to get maximum advantage. When important innovations are released, we make sure our customers learn about them. While we are always happy to supply individual systems, the benefits of meeting a venue’s need for POS, CCTV and venue-patron paging are clear.

·         Integration – we already see integration between POS and CCTV systems, allowing venue owners to have more visibility. Integration is also taking place between POS and digital signage. “Smart” signage now supports real-time updating of displays to enable “on-the-fly” promotions, happy Hour Pricing and much more.

·         Queues are becoming a thing of the past, unlamented either by the venue or its guests. Once guests are in a queue, they are neither spending, nor having fun.

·         Staying Abreast – with a single supplier, whose day job is to stay right on top of the field, Bepoz customers always get the memo. We make sure that any important advances are brought to their attention right away. Supplying all a venue’s POS, paging, digital signage and CCTV means that we know exactly what is installed, and, because we have trained the staff in its use, we know how it is being used.

The digital revolution is transforming the hospitality industry. The functions of venue surveillance, point-of-sale, signage and in-venue communication are being coordinated into single systems. This integration will continue until and unless it ceases to deliver rewards for both hospitality providers and their guests. It makes sense, particularly for new enterprises, to use a single supplier who can deliver all functions with a family of cross-compatible products, and undertake on their behalf the demanding task of maintaining the currency of their systems.

Talk to Bepoz today about future-proofing your venue on or 1300 023 769.  


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