Monteith’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer is now available on tap. 

The Monteith’s brewers have made a Ginger Beer using a two step fermentation process. The beer has  a subtle malt sweetness and mild hop bitterness with fresh Root ginger to create  a crisp and delicious 4.5% Ginger beer. Crystal filtered and highly carbonated to give a crackle and pop in the mouth.  

Unlike other sweeter Ginger Beers available, Monteith’s Ginger beer is classified as a ‘Beer’ and is priced in line with the other Monteith’s range.  This will be great for customers who want to make Monteith’s Ginger beer their new favourite drop.

To get Monteith’s Ginger Beer on tap please call your local Drinkworks representative. Please go to for contact details.

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