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A week after the launch of Dapple Cider, The Shout caught up with Sarah Dennis, Marketing Manager for Dapple Cider, for a quick Q & A to get the scoop on the new release, current cider market trends and more.

Why has Pacific Beverages launched a cider?
While cider is becoming more and more popular, we identified a clear gap in the market for a new-age cider that was designed specifically for the Australian palate and made from Australian apples.

Can you tell us about the Australian apples that you’ll use for the production of Dapple?
The apples are sourced from the Goulburn Valley, one of the largest apple growing regions in Australia. Our brewing process also cold filters the cider to deliver ultimate refreshment.

Are there plans to roll out Dapple internationally?
The launch is a limited rollout on the Eastern seaboard of Australia. We use seasonal apples so we are limited in terms of the amount of produce that we can source each year from the Goulburn Valley.

What is the biggest point of difference between Dapple and other ciders in the market?
The Australian cider market has been dominated by more traditional ciders based on international profiles. We recognise that Australian consumers are looking for a refreshing, dry cider that delivers a mid-level sweetness with low ferment flavours and a crisp, fresh apple taste. Dapple Cider has been tailored to satisfy these consumer tastes. Being made from Australian apples and specifically designed for the Australian palate makes Dapple Cider unique to other ciders currently on the market.

What are your brand expectations?
We have developed a brand that allows us to have some fun in the cider occasion. Dapple Cider is a cheeky, but down-to-earth brand that brings a refreshingly different product and look to the cider category. In talking to venue managers over the past week, the customer and consumer reaction to the brand has been sensational, with some of our initial venues exceeding their targets within the first week.

How do you see the trend in the current cider market?
We believe that cider will continue to grow as more and more consumers enjoy the taste and refreshing nature of the cider category. Even across winter, traditionally a slower period for cider, we have seen over 40 percent growth in the total cider category. Australia still lags well behind the UK in terms of both per capita and volume consumption of cider, so our prediction is that cider will continue to grow in popularity.

To hear more from Sarah Dennis about Dapple Cider click on the video below.


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