The Richland range is dedicated to the founders of Westend Estate, Francesco and Elizabeth Calabria. They were pioneers of the rich land of the Riverina which is now a wine region with unlimited potential. The Richland range over delivers on quality and is suitable for everyday drinking. They are a blend of barrel and oak maturation, including well known and popular varieties for the general wine drinking market.
The richland is so successful in national and International wine shows we have to ensure the brand has a super premium look to match the wines quality in the bottle. We have modified the label to suit current market trends and portray a premium edge, however we have still incorporated key feature concepts, leading existing customer to identify the label and make the connection. 

We have introduced an all-over cleaner feel to the Richland packaging to portray a premium feel to the product.

The Richland ‘R’ symbol has been updated with modern finishes. This logo element is still appearing in the same position on the bottle and in gold foiling which will allow brand recognition where current customers will still be able to identify the wine product. 

The bottom section of the label will be a pure white with grained stock, with a strong varietal presences and colour recognition is visible on each bottle through the vintages. The front label is a wrap around style – which also consists of the back label which renders a trendy approach and clean finish. An updated screw cap design has also improved the finish of the packaging – which will now be a generic screw cap across most Westend brands.  The first new labelled product that will hit the market is the 2012 Richland Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Chardonnay and 2010 Shiraz, which will be released in mid-September, followed by all Richland Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. 

Company Contact Details:
Westend Estate Wines
Ph: 02 6969 0800

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