Instead of drinking the blood of your enemies, try drinking the tears of a unicorn instead. Or maybe just Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur.

According to its creators, the “enchantingly scrumptious” liqueur is no mean feat to create and they have “lost mammoth minutes of beauty sleep over the past few months because we’ve been up all night slaying unicorns for your drinking pleasure”.

Indeed the “frisky little buggers” are difficult to catch, though the magical results – topped off with 100 percent edible silver pieces – makes the “harrowing quest” worth it.

Please note that Nicki Iodice of Firebox told The Huffington Post that he cannot “confirm or deny if real unicorn tears were used”.

The liqueur, which is only available in the UK, has tasting notes that reference: juniper, Curaçao orange, fresh lemongrass, a hint of maple syrup, and flying saucer sweeties.


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