BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, the leading premium gin, has launched a new, easy way to Bombay with a 275ml pre mixed Bombay Sapphire and Tonic in their much loved iconic blue bottle.  On sale from 2nd September 2019, retailing at $26 for a 4 pack.

Premium spirits are booming, outpacing the growth of total spirits by double over the past 2 years. Consumers are choosing better quality drinks and Gin is the spirit of choice with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, based on a well-crafted and much loved 1761 vapour infused recipe, leading the way.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE plays a key role in the continued trend of premiumisation, helping consumers elevate the everyday G&T into something special.

We also know that consumers are living increasingly hectic lives and are looking for convenient high-quality options on the go. Last year, 1 in 3 people purchased a ready-to- drink product with the category worth 14% of total liquor value sales.

There are more people trying gin for the first time than ever before, the ready-to-drink format plays a key recruitment role into glass spirits, increasing gin penetration and basket spend amongst shoppers. Gin ready-to-drink grew by 64% in retail sales over 2018/2019 alone.

So, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has recognised the opportunity to premiumise the ready to drink category with the release of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Gin & Tonic:  A new, ‘Easy Way to Bombay’, wherever you are.

Containing the perfect balance of gin and tonic, with an alcohol by volume of 5.4%,  BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has used the same premium juniper-led gin from Laverstoke in the UK, to bring you an expertly blended G & T served in its much loved iconic Bombay-blue glass bottle.

Mauricio Vergara Herrera, Managing Director of Bacardi Martini Australia said;

“Consumers are looking for premium drinks in convenient formats that fit their lifestyles. With the explosion of Gin and premiumisation in Australia it’s exciting to see this innovation from BOMBAY SAPPHIRE as the leading premium gin.

To drive further growth, we’ve designed Bombay & Tonic to inspire consumers to discover gin through a great tasting drink in a premium bottle, perfect to start the night or sharing with friends on the go.”

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ready to drink is a modern, refreshing tasting twist on their world-class gin, best enjoyed chilled straight from the bottle or elevated a step further when poured over ice in a glass with a garnish of lemon or lime.

For more information please contact your local Bacardi Martini Australia representative or contact our Customer Care team on 1800 357 994 or

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