By Andy Young

The Liquor Stores Association’s campaign against the ACT Government’s massive increase in bottleshop licence fees is already gaining significant public backing.

As part of its campaign the LSA ACT started a petition, which liquor stores across the territory have had on display and more than 3000 signatures have already been collected.

“The campaign is pushing back against the proposal by the ACT Government to inflict enormous liquor licensing fee increases on local bottleshops and the response by Canberra shoppers has been very strong,” said the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Liquor Stores Association (ALSA), Terry Mott.

“The initial response should send a loud-and-clear message that ACT drinkers are upset about this proposal.

“These same ACT drinkers will soon be voting in the ACT election.”

The recent campaign launch and petition are the first steps in a campaign which, if necessary, will run all the way through until the ACT’s election day on 15 October.

“The next phase of the campaign will see action targeting electorates which have the potential to determine the outcome of the election,” Mr Mott said.

“The retail liquor industry is keen to ensure every candidate at the election is aware of the significant negative consequences of the proposal to hike licensing fees for liquor stores, notably local jobs will be lost.

“If you haven’t yet signed the petition and would like to, look out for one at liquor stores across the ACT and contribute to over-turning this exorbitant tax hike.

“Alternatively, go on-line to, then download, sign and send a letter to your local politician to very clearly let the ACT Government know how you would like them to act on your behalf.”

Last month TheShout spoke to the ACT’s Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson, who described the increases as punitive, unfair and he added they will kill jobs.

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