Comenda manufactures and markets more than 200 warewashing solutions, from the smallest glass washers for bars through to large automated continuous flow systems for restaurants, hospitals, canteens and in-flight catering.

Low Water Consumption

With wash tank capacities from as little as 14 litres and fresh water rinse consumptions as low as 2 litres per cycle, a Comenda machine can be both mean and green.

Low Energy Consumption

With a range of options including heat pumps, heat recovery units, thermally insulated panels and auto-timers, you can rely on Comenda to keep a tight grip on those energy bills.

Low Chemical Consumptions

With the patented PRS system for rack and flight machines controlling the flow of fresh water in relation to the volume of dishes, the reduction in the dilution in the chemicals in the wash tank means major saving in water, energy and of course, chemical consumption.

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