By Annette Shailer

The AHA (NSW) has urged the State Government to consider the implementation of UK-style legislation, which bans people convicted of anti-social behaviour from buying or drinking alcohol in hotels, clubs and other public places.

“If this, and other measures we support, are seen as a partial return to the Summary Offences Act, abandoned by the Wran Government in the 1970s….then so be it,” said Sally Fielke, CEO of AHA (NSW).

Under the UK’s Anti-Social Behaviour Orders – known as ASBO – people with anti-social convictions can be banned from pubs and clubs, from carrying alcohol in unsealed containers and from drinking in a public place.

Those subject to the orders must attend an approved alcohol misuse course and ignoring the order could lead to a jail sentence.

Fielke added that the judiciary needed to back-up any new laws with the imposition of strong penalties and police needed to be on the streets in a high-visibility role.

The AHA’s call is part of a long term plan aimed at countering the problem of anti-social behaviour.

“The Association is sick and tired of the majority of people being penalised for the behaviour of a few idiots,” Fielke said.

“It’s time to ramp up the message of personal responsibility. The UK has successfully implemented Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. Any initiative along these lines should be looked at seriously by Government.

“Our message is simple…end the fear game that is damaging the reputation of hotels unfairly as well as the reputation of NSW as the premier State…punish the perpetrators, create the community standards we all want…and let it be said the majority need never suffer for the miss deeds of a few.”

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