The inaugural Australian Whisky Show will showcase exclusively Aussie whisky, in partnership with the Australian Distillers Association.

The Australian Whisky show will be held on April 3 in Melbourne, with tickets on sale from Tuesday February 15.

This Aussie-only festival accompanies Alchemist Event’s schedule of six Whisky Shows in major metros across the country:

  • Melbourne – Australian Whisky Show – April 3
  • Hobart – April 30
  • Sydney – May 20-21  (May 21 is World Whisky Day)
  • Adelaide – June 11
  • Canberra – June 25
  • Melbourne – August 6
  • Brisbane – October 8

David Ligoff, founder of the Whisky Show is excited to host such a significant event for the Australian whisky industry, with 2022 marking the 30th year since Australia’s distilling renaissance began in Tasmania.

“This will be the first time so many Australian whisky distilleries and the distillers themselves will be together for such an event,” Ligoff said.

“Whilst we pioneered the virtual whisky festival format during the first lockdown and it enabled thousands of whisky drinkers around Australia to try new whiskies over the past two years – the return of face-to-face shows is what our customers absolutely love.

“Seeing people’s faces light up when they first enter the room with dozens of whisky available to sample is why we put on these shows.”

And this Australian-only festival will bring something new for consumers:

“This is the largest gathering dedicated entirely to locally produced whiskies. It’s a fun way to explore Aussie whisky and meet the makers, who all love having a chat about their adventures and challenges, the highs and the lows, of getting their whisky to you.”

Ligoff also suggests that there will be some exclusive drams on show for Aussie whisky fans: “A few distillers are bringing a bottle of something really special to try only at the show.”

The Australian Whisky Show will also play host to the Australian Distillers Association (ADA), who will be hosting a major trade festival in Melbourne around the time of the Australian Whisky Show.

ADA Chief Executive, Paul McLeay, spoke of his pride at being part of this, the first-ever whisky festival dedicated purely to Australian spirit.

“Whisky Show to celebrate Australian whisky makers at such an exciting time in the industry’s development.”

“Australian whisky has already been recognised through some of the world’s most reputable awards programs and the innovation of craft producers makes our products among some of the best in the world. I look forward to consumers being able to sample some of the best our local industry has to offer.”

“We are proud to partner with The Australian Whisky Show to celebrate Australian whisky makers as such an exciting time in the industry’s development,” McLeay added.

Ligoff hopes the event will give Australian distillers a vital opportunity to introduce their wares to an engaged audience.

“The partnership with ADA is a massive win for the Australian whisky industry and consumers alike. It’s a chance to bring the distilling community together to showcase their products at scale with their core customer base,” Ligoff said.

“Chatting to many distillers over the years, a common theme we hear especially amongst the new and smaller distilleries is they often say selling whisky is trickier than making it.”

Ligoff suggests that this may well be the first of many Australian Whisky Shows.

“We’ve got plans to make this a yearly event, visiting other cities each year, and hopefully see visitors from overseas who are keen to try Aussie made whisky as well.”

Tickets will be available to purchase from 6pm AEDT on Tuesday 15th February, 2022.
Purchase tickets here:
Tickets are $79.00 each.

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