Research from the Alchemy Cordial Company shows that up to 70 per cent of coffee drinkers take sugar with their coffee. While sugar is normally given free with coffee, café owners, hotels and restaurants could potentially earn up to 20 per cent more on each coffee by offering their customers a flavoured alternative.

After producing individual coffee syrups for several years Alchemy found that most cafés were not making the most of syrups as a source of income. In response to this, Alchemy decided to produce an easy to use Syrup Intro Kit, including five popular flavours (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Butterscotch and Irish Cream) as well as a Chai latte syrup. Sold for $80 per kit, the starter packs provide up to 300 per cent return on investment.

“Our research shows that café owners and staff were prepared to get the syrups but did not consider them as a meaningful part of the business,” says Michael Bishop founder of Alchemy.

“We developed the kits to make syrups more convenient for café’s staff,” says Michael. “With up to 70 per cent of people having sugar with their coffee, there is great potential for extra income by simply suggesting customers try different flavours. Café staff can ask ‘would you like to try a flavoured coffee instead?’. Chai lattes and flavoured hot chocolates are also ideal for non-coffee drinkers seeking a warm beverage,“ he says.

In addition to the multiple flavours, the kit includes pumps for each bottle, promotional material, recipe cards for hot and cold flavoured coffee, frappes and Chai latte. The bottles are plastic, so they are lightweight, easy to use and recyclable and they can be compressed to save space in recycling bins unlike glass bottles.

Alchemy Coffee Syrups are handmade using only natural colours and flavours to provide a full, natural taste, allaying concerns in the hospitality industry about the artificial nature of syrup.

The Alchemy Coffee Syrup Starter Kit contains enough product to make $325 profit per kit – this includes 50 shots per bottle (x 5 flavours) selling for 60 cents and 50 x Chai latte serves at $3.50 per cup.

For more information and to order a starter kit visit or call 07 3245 5046.

About the Alchemy Cordial Company

The Alchemy Cordial Company started in 1995 as a humble Sunday market stall selling a ‘chilli cordial’ made from a family recipe. Since then it has grown to become an internationally distributed brand. Alchemy specialises in a range of innovative and natural gourmet cordials and syrups including classic cordials, coffee syrups, chai latte syrup and iced tea syrup. Alchemy is the first Australian company to produce coffee syrups and Chai latte syrup.

Throughout its growth Alchemy has remained committed to the principles of using only the best all natural ingredients (using no artificial colours or flavours) and maintaining exacting manufacturing standards. All of the cordials and syrups are handmade, offered internationally for ‘enlightened refreshment’.

Alchemy products are currently distributed throughout Australia, Paris, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, America, Singapore, New Zealand and Bali.

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