This weekend (July 15 and 16) Aldi will open The Trophy Room, a bar serving up the retailer’s wine, gin and cheese at ‘at home’ prices.

Tickets to the venue are priced at $4.41 each, reflective of the per-glass cost of the Aldi wines and accompanying cheese platter.  

The experience begins with a gin cocktail, before guest are given a selection of Aldi’s wines, alongside a ‘deluxe cheese platter.’

According to an Aldi press release, ‘if priced individually, glasses of wine would start at a mere $0.83 for a Pinot Grigio, with the most expensive glass on the menu, a Pinot Noir from Otago in New Zealand, costing just $2.49.’

Jason Bowyer, Aldi Wine Expert and Buying Director, referenced the on-going cost of living crisis when introducing the experience.

“Quite simply, ALDI wins hands-down when it comes to price and quality. At a time when consumers are cutting back, they don’t have to compromise when they shop with us,” Bowyer said.

“Our wines have been created by some of the best winemakers in the world and judged by the harshest critics to take home many of the most prestigious awards in the industry.”

Indeed, The Trophy Room’s name is a reference to the many awards that Aldi’s wines have won.  

“The Trophy Room is a first for ALDI Australia, demonstrating that a fine wine and dining experience doesn’t have to dent your wallet. And what’s even better, you can replicate the exact experience at home,” Bowyer explained.

“The reality is everyone can have a wine rack and cheese draw worthy of the title the ‘Trophy Room’ if they shop the products on offer at ALDI. The value in the range is undisputable, and I’m excited that we can offer customers this experience, whether that be in our new pop-up bar or in their everyday shop.” 

Aldi’s Price Report, produced in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, ‘a basket at Aldi is at least 15.6 per cent cheaper than other supermarkets.’

At the time of writing, tickets for the two day pop-up bar, located at 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, were at the wait-list only stage.

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