Following the launch of its latest professional development initiative ALSA Retail Insights, the Australian Liquor Stores Association has added the latest module to the program. 

The Social Media module covers the principles of one of the most significant technological changes the industry has experienced.

“Social Media is changing the way many people live their lives, and we as retailers must be across the impact this is having on retailing,” said ALSA Retail Insights project manager Mal Higgs.

“As daunting as the subject may appear to many, the principles are relatively straight forward and essential to understand before you take the step to either support your banner group social media strategy or develop your own.”

The Social Media module adds to the six existing modules already included in the program:

  • Retail Store Design and Layout: the principles of store layout and design
  • Market Insights: industry information and trends, supported by Nielsen 
  • Retail Toolkit Calculators: to assist with making the right pricing and margin decisions  
  • Retail Merchandising: the importance of in-store merchandising and displays 
  • Shopper Insights: what can we learn when Shoppers are asked about their shopping experience? 
  • EEIP – Energy Efficiency Information Program: an Energy savings and action plan toolkit 

Further modules and information will be added to the site in coming months, including the next module, which will cover how to make a Loyalty Program work for your business.

ALSA has invited feedback from its stakeholders on the Retail Insights initiative. 

The ALSA Retail Insights website can be found at and will be accessible to all for a limited period.

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