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The award-winning Amaro di Angostura is now available in Australia after gaining popularity among the bartending community across Europe, the US and South America.

After taking seven years to develop the bitters has already claimed awards in San Francisco, London and New Orleans and is now available in Australia through island2island.

Speaking at the launch of the Amaro, Angostura’s global brand ambassador Daniyel Jones explained that there is a lot of pride at Angostura for this new product and the reputation it is gaining around the world.

“At the House of Angostura we have part of the very foundation of the cocktail industry,” Jones said. “The bitters has been iconic and we continue to be a part of the evolution of the industry with our range of award-winning rums. The newest member of the House of Anogustura is the Amaro di Angostura. For us we are breaking grounds and right now, with Amaro being in Australia means it is a truly global product. Why because we’ve launched and won accolades in the US, and then we launched in Europe and we’ve even had orders for Amaro in Israel before we even had distribution.”

Jones added that there is a spice element to the Amaro, which is helping it to gain popularity among bartenders. 

“The Amaro di Angostura is the only Amaro that has a really strong spice orientation,” Jones said. “If you’re familiar with Amaro, every one that you taste will have a very herbaceous or vegetable orientation coming out. Now Amaro di Angostura is the only Amaro that contains the aromatic bitters inside of it and we wanted everyone to know it is part of the family. So there is a strong coordination with the yellow cap, the white label on the neck and the dark-tinted bottle, which is iconic to us.”

“We are very proud to see the appreciation from bartenders, around the world bartenders have gone crazy for the Amaro di Angostura and this is what I love.

“When we launched this product we took a very intimate approach, rather than a mass-marketing approach, we have a huge fan-base for the aromatic bitters and so we decided to go to the bartenders directly and did what we called the Amaro roadshow, with bags full of Amaro and talked directly to bartenders and they have loved the Amaro.”

The Amaro di Angostura is now available in Australia through island2island, with CEO Allan Shearer saying: “Angostura aromatic bitters, which serves as the base for Amaro di Angostura, has a devoted following in Australia. Following the win at Tales of the Cocktail, we have been keenly awaiting its arrival on our shores, as we know our fans are excited to try it and those that have tried it are eager to start using it.”

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