Until now you had 3 choices when it came to promoting a chilled merchandise on promotional and displayed off location. 

1- have the product at ambient temperature on display on the shop floor and lose the immediate consumption benefit.

2- lock in a costly deal with the retailer for space to then fill the space with an expensive permanent cooler which soon becomes hijacked by competitor products.

3- do some point of sale for the retailers and let your product hide in the refrigerator surrounded all of its competitors, losing all off location benefits.
Now you have another flexible choice-

*Coolio™ allows you to display off location with chilled product at its optimum consumption temperature. Just as non chilled products are displayed off location to generate impulse sales, you too can now provide a more compelling consumer offer *No need to lock in a space agreement with the retailer. The *Coolio™ will go anywhere that can be powered.
*Coolio™ is not a permanent cooler. You can wheel them in and out of different stores to generate promotional activity across different retailers with the one cooler. *Coolio™, unlike typical refrigeration can be transported in the back of a car and set up in minutes. *Coolio™ only weighs 28kg and is on wheels for ease of placement.
*Coolio™ is promotional. The cardboard top can be branded in whatever graphic you like and will last 3 months. When the promo is over dispense of the cardboard and move your *Coolio™ unit to a new location with a new cardboard top. You are never stuck with old branding in the market plus you are never restricted with graphics as the Freshboard™ allows for maximum impact imagery. 

*Coolio™ represents the future of chilled food and beverage marketing. Whether you wish to generate trial and launch a new brand, or capitalize on currently untapped impulse sales, *Coolio™ will provide you with a flexible addition to your marketing arsenal, allowing you to promote one item in one retailer for a time and then a completely different product in a different retailer next.

To arrange a trial of *Coolio™ or to ask any questions please contact Rod Haber, Active Display Group 038769 0139 or visit our Website or email us rodh@activedisplay.com.au

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