Anti-theft bottle security solutions

Vitag provides proven retail loss prevention solutions designed especially for liquor retailers. Whether you’re a drive-through or single-door store, Vitag has a number of inexpensive, easy to implement and proven solutions to prevent theft, reducing shrinkage and increasing sales and profits.

Our range of small, reusable and very secure bottle security tags allow liquor retailers the ability to openly merchandise with a high level of security without impacting on visual display. The locked glass cabinet is a thing of the past, as buyers are free to handle the merchandise. You’re given peace of mind that shrinkage is minimised.

Securely applied to at-risk liquor bottles, both the Crystal Guarde and Bottle Wrap contain an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) component. Carrying a bottle through detection systems installed at the store’s exit – whether it’s an existing system or supplied by Vitag – will set off an alarm.

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Crystal Guarde Bottle Cap

The Crystal Guarde combines the highest level of protection with optimal merchandise aesthetics. Its Electronic Detection technology feature is complemented by its strength in design – the cap securely covers the bottle opening, making it near-impossible to remove without breaking the bottle. This benefit denial feature makes the Crystal Guarde the best selection for stores who have not yet adapted an Electronic Detection system.

  • Small overall design complements your merchandise
  • Clear top provides better product display 
  •  Extremely easy to use and fast removal at point of sale
  • Benefit denial discourages theft attempts – high resistance from being cut, broken or removed, without a Vitag detacher 

Bottle Wrap

Cost effective and versatile Wrap security tags help secure high-shrink bottled merchandise

  • Constructed from strong plastic collar reinforced with metal
  • New high-strength performance
  • Fits over 95% of all wine and spirit bottles
  • Maximizes shelf space
  • Strong visual deterrent
  • Lightweight, unobtrusive

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To find out more about how Vitag can help you reduce shrinkage in your liquor store, call 1300 551 662 or visit our website to see our entire bottle security range.

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