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ANZAC Day can be difficult as licensees and staff usually deal with extra crowds, many who have attended commemorative events, as well as patrons playing two-up.

It is critical that licensees routinely monitor patron consumption and behaviour. OLGR recommends that licensees implement strategic, yet simple, practices to manage venues on ANZAC Day. In particular, you need to have enough staff to deal with extra patron numbers and address the specific business needs of the day.

Proper planning and implementation are key to managing your venue responsibly on ANZAC Day.

Your planning should include a review of your alcohol management plan, incident register from last year’s ANZAC Day, advertising and promotions strategy, and material.

Your planning should also include your managers and frontline staff, and give particular consideration to the escalated risk associated with large crowds, increased rates of intoxication, gambling disputes and extended high volume trade.

For NSW OLGR approved two-up rules click here.

Queensland's ANZAC Day trading restrictions here.

The VCGLR's ANZAC Day trading restrictions are detailed here.

South Australia ANZAC Day trading details here.

Tasmania's ANZAC Day trading and two-up rules here.

Western Australia's approved ANZAC Day trading hours listed here.

Northern Territory businesses should check with the Department of Business.

See also Jessica Patterson discusses compliance obligations.

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