Just over a year into production, the team behind the award-winning Archie Rose Distilling Co. is today releasing a new gin: the Archie Rose Distiller’s Strength Gin.

The overproof gin is an extension of the core range and designed for drinkers who enjoy “bigger, bolder flavours”.

Archie Rose Distiller’s Strength features fifteen individually distilled botanicals, including fresh pears from Orange in NSW (founder Will Edwards’ family’s hometown), rose petals, elderflower, a pronounced juniper hit, and honey direct from Archie Rose’s rooftop beehives.

Created from the desire to have a gin that directly reflected the of the Archie Rose team, the gin was distilled to reflect their preferences, rather than to pay homage to the tradition of Navy Strength gin.

According to Edwards, they thought it was about time they had their own spirit.

“After creating Tailored Spirits and allowing our customers to design their own unique gin, we felt it was time to create something just for us,” he says. “Our distillers trialled 45 iterations until we were happy with the final product, and the result is a distinguished, bolder gin, with a higher ABV, that still retains the balance we always strive for.”

The process of botanical distillate selection reportedly took four months, with each ingredient trialled using multiple distillation techniques. Final distillates were tested blind according to the particular production and distillation methods used and were then ranked according to quality.

According to Harriet Leigh, venue manager at Archie Rose, the resulting gin is one that she herself loves to knock off with.

Distiller’s Strength is the kind of gin I want to unwind with. Made by our distillers for people who like serious gins, it was created for mixing,” she says. “We’re immensely proud of its forthright character in the greatest of all spirit and mixers – the G&T, as well as assertive nature in a Martini and quite possibly the greatest illicit ménage-a-trois addition to the marriage of Campari and sweet vermouth in a Negroni.”

The team has apparently put a lot of research into using the gin in cocktails and Leigh has plenty of suggestions for using it – and she assured bars&clubs that it’s not just because it is her job to make it sound delicious.

“It’s as tough as the last shift at the end of an 80 hour week, but as gentle as the massage I need after,” she says. “It’s honestly my favourite gin to play with, and that’s not because they’re paying me to say that. I love this gin. Try it in a Last Word, a South Side, a Collins or a Bee’s Knees. With each incarnation this gin transforms. Don’t believe me. Play with it yourself.”

Archie Rose Distiller’s Strength Gin is available from today, 19th September with an RRP of $99.

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