It’s the dawn of a new era at Archie Rose Distilling Co. The brand has re-imagined their Signature Dry Gin – a result of the team’s commitment to innovation at their new Botany Distillery, which features custom-designed copper pot/column hybrid vacuum stills, allowing the unique cold distillation of botanical distillates.

“This evolution of Signature Dry Gin is by far the best we have ever produced, and reflects Archie Rose’s endless search for continual improvement,” says founder Will Edwards. “For a few years now there were many technological and engineering constraints holding us back from what we wanted to achieve. And so began a three-year mission to design and build a new distillery from scratch and in many cases conceive, design and commissioning equipment that had never been made anywhere in the world before. With that distillery now fully operational we’ve unlocked a whole new tier of production possibilities.”

Signature Dry Gin is a contemporary Australian take on a classic dry gin and the cornerstone gin in Archie Rose’s Signature Range. Updated with refreshed eucalyptus green packaging, it now features eight individually distilled botanicals, including sunrise lime and Geraldton waxflower, both native to Western Australia, and Dorrigo Pepperleaf sourced from Northern NSW. The result is a quintessentially Australian dry gin that offers a complex array of flavours, including stonefruit, fresh garden herbs, pine and subtle eucalyptus.

The price of Signature Dry Gin remains the same, while the reimagined spirit featuring refreshed packaging will now naturally begin to appear in all orders.

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