Sydney distillery Archie Rose has launched the barrel aged older sibling to its Eau de Bee Honey spirit.

Honey Barrel, Barrel Aged Honey Spirit, is aged in ex-Moscatel casks which the company says produces notes of golden syrup, buttered toast, vanilla pudding and chervil.

Master Distiller, Dave Withers, said the two-part honey project was born from the creativity of the distillery team. 

“When a couple of distillers got restless to experiment they decided to ferment and distil a mead,” he said.

“I must admit to being reticent about the results.

“After tasting the resulting spirit I was soon eating my words.”

With the specialist casks giving it a lighter brown hue, the liquor is being touted as a combination of desserts in one sip and recommended to be served neat or as a mixer with dry ginger and orange, with a Granny Smith apple garnish.

Honey Barrel, Barrel Aged Honey Spirit was born after fermentation for seven days, before being cold distilled and aged in casks. It packs a punch at 50 per cent ABV.

It is the seventh release in Archie Rose’s experimental Limited Releases series and available for $149 or as a pair with Eau de Bee Honey spirit (40 per cent ABV) for $239.

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