To celebrate their tenth year producing world-class spirits Archie Rose has launched a new campaign platform based around their ‘Question Everything’ ethos that invites people to challenge the traditions of their spirit drinking and explore Australian spirits.

Founded in 2014 by founder Will Edwards, Archie Rose Distilling Co. began with a simple question: “Why can’t an Australian distillery make the world’s best whisky and gin?”. Fast forward ten years, and the 120 strong Archie Rose team pursues this inquisitive thinking every day in their relentless search for better.

Who says you can’t make the world’s best whisky with Australian malts?

Australian whisky lies at the core of Archie Rose’s global spirits ambitions and their ‘Question Everything’ approach to growing and sourcing 100% local malts, along with an “individual malt stream” process, which has created true innovation in a category that has typically followed tradition.

According to Will Edwards, Archie Rose Founder: “To use our Single Malt Whisky as just one example, each malt in our six-malt mash bill is milled, brewed, fermented, distilled and matured separately or with a single base malt, allowing our team to tailor every step of the production process, including brewing temperatures, yeast selection, cask type, distillation rates, and maturation conditions to each specific malt, rather than having to settle for “average” conditions that suit the whole mash bill collectively.”

“We are also very proud to source 100% of our malts from Australia, mostly from our home state of NSW, supporting our belief that great whisky starts its life in the field and delivering sustainability benefits around reduced freight and air miles,” says Edwards.

Single Malt Whisky

  • Australia’s Best Single Malt Whisky – Eight-Time Winner

Rye Malt Whisky

  • World’s Best Rye Whisky – Four-Time Winner

Why can’t Australian botanicals make the world’s best gin?

Archie Rose prioritises the inclusion of native ingredients and works with growers across the country to source locally as much as possible. 

The technology at Archie Rose allows the team to cold distil certain aromatics, eliminating the detrimental impact of heat on delicate botanicals, allowing more experimentation with flavour combinations. The stills also boast over twelve different configurations, ensuring that the best flavour is extracted from every ingredient.

Signature Dry Gin 

  • World’s Best International Contemporary Gin
  • Australia’s Best Gin – Two-Time Winner

Bone Dry Gin

  • Double Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Awards
  • World’s Best Gin – Two-Time Winner

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