Winner of Australia’s Best White Rum at the World Rum Masters, a Gold Medal at the Rum & Cachaca Masters and a Silver Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards, Archie Rose’s White Cane is the perfect way to celebrate this heady drink.

White Cane is Archie Rose’s fourth iteration of an Aussie rum, featuring high-test NSW molasses, emboldened by the cold distilled copper still that ensures exceptional clarity of flavour.

It’s fresh, tropical and it’s 100% Australian.

“White Cane is a spirit inspired by Australia’s long and storied rum history – but just as much by the sustainably sourced, cold distilled NSW molasses on which it rests, “ Archie Rose Master Distiller, Dave Withers says.

“And while in Australia, unlike other countries, we’re legally not able to call it a rum unless aged for two years, for white rum lovers it is perfectly placed in their wheelhouse – albeit with a modern reimagining granted by the delicate flavours of NSW sugar cane”.

Withers’ love of exceptional rum has previously resulted in the launch of three experimental products including Virgin Cane Spirit, Virgin Cane Rhum and High Test Molasses Rum.

According to Archie Rose Founder, Will Edwards, “The history of rum production in Australia runs deep and the city of Sydney itself is affiliated with countless stories about rum trade, production and celebration. We’re thrilled to continue the tradition with the release of White Cane – proving to the world the unlimited capabilities of Aussie-cane spirits”.

If you’re after a thirst quenching Pina Colada, or refreshing Mojito, White Cane is the perfect pairing.

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