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Ardbeg Islay Single Malt Scotch whisky is gearing up for the global release of its latest limited edition whisky on Saturday 1 June.

This year's festivities have been renamed 'Ardbog Day' in a nod to the special release, Ardbog, with celebrations taking place around the world to mark the release of the highly-anticipated whisky. 

Ardbog Limited Edition is named for the famed peat bogs of Ardbeg's island home of Islay and to celebrate the peat bog's vital part in the whisky-making process. 

"The overall combination of effects in Ardbog truly conjures up the impression of ancient, primeval, salty peat bogs, but reassuringly this is combined with some classic, intense Ardbeg notes of leather, toffee and smoke," said Dr Bill Lumsden, Ardbeg's director of distillation and whisky creation.   

Ardbog is the limited edition that follows the acclaimed Ardbeg Galileo, acknowledged as the 'World's Best Single Malt' at the World Whisky Awards 2013. 

Each year Ardbeg throws an open invitation to all fans and island visitors to visit the distillery on 'Ardbeg Day', traditionally the last day of the Islay Festival, with other parties taking place around the globe.

Sydney's official 'Ardbog Day' celebrations will be taking place on Saturday 1 June at The Park pop up bar in Centennial Park. 

Festivities will take inspiration from traditional Scottish games, but with an archaeological twist as guests are invited to 'dig deep' into Ardbeg and Islay's peaty past. 

To register interest in being a part of the day, all Ardbeg fans need to do is log onto and follow the links to become a committee member.

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