By Clyde Mooney

Yesterday’s announcement of the pending sale of Foster's to Anglo-South African SABMiller elevates Coopers to the distinguished title of Australia’s largest brewer.

Coopers currently enjoy around 4 percent market share and this is expected to grow in the wake of strong marketing opportunities associated with their nationalism, but they are firmly sympathetic about the fact that another Australian icon has gone overseas.

Glenn Cooper, Coopers executive chairman and marketing director, is himself passionate about home-grown products and actually deputy chair of the ‘Australian-made, Australian-grown’ initiative.

Cooper believes that Aussie-made is a strong selling point, but believes we are exposed to many imported brands and doubts Coopers’ newfound position will translate immediately into increased sales.

However, he does believe that the upcoming generations possess a strong underlying national pride and may well become strong proponents for Coopers’ products in the future.

“Younger markets also tend to be more selective about the products they consume, showing preference for both the craft and low-carb variations of beer,” Cooper told TheShout.

Coopers will take advantage of this fact, with future promotions in selected brands such as Coopers Clear destined to continue their association with surfing, life-saving and other outdoor activities.

“Next year is our 150th anniversary and the party is set to be doubly good with the celebration of being Australia’s biggest brewer."

“I’m already getting myself in training,” Cooper let slip. “Making sure I can socialise responsibly.”

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