By Amy Looker

Canadian Club has enlisted an unlikely ally in its ‘Over Beer?’ campaign in the form of renowned beer enthusiast and Australian cricketing legend, David Boon.

Once dubbed the ‘keg on legs’, Boon has put down his stubbie and signed on as the face of the ‘Over Beer?’ campaign.

The campaign shows ‘Boonie’ caught paparazzi-style enjoying a cheeky Canadian Club and Dry.

Canadian Club’s brand director, Trent Chapman, believes enlisting Boon to front the ‘Over Beer?’ campaign, is a creative way of getting the question out there – are Australians ‘over beer’?

“Boonie is the perfect face for this campaign,” he said. “This isn’t about knocking beer, it’s about offering consumers a refreshing alternative.”

Boon himself is a big fan of the campaign, saying that his palate has developed since his beer-drinking heyday when he allegedly knocked back 52 cans of beer on a Sydney to London flight.

“I still enjoy a beer every now and then, but more and more often I’m finding it isn’t the refreshing drink I was after,” said Boon.

”My taste buds have definitely got more refined over the years, and I felt it was time for a change.”

Beam Global is backing the campaign an extensive media plan, in-store point-of-sale and a national consumer ‘scratch-and-win’ promotion that will see consumers attempt to ‘catch’ Boonie drinking a Canadian Club and Dry.


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