By Andrew Starke

Asahi Super Dry has been made available in a new aluminium bottle and rolled out at music festivals and the Merivale-owned Ivy this month (February) for a limited period.

While Asahi has continued its support of summer events like the Stereosonic dance music festival, other recent sponsorships have seen the brand partner with the Museum of Contemporary Art, new Sydney bar/studio Lo-Fi, Right Angle Studio, Secret Wars and creative collaborators Australian INfront.

“Asahi’s sponsorship of the Stereosonic music festival saw the brand not only sponsor an exclusive VIP bar but also launch new Asahi aluminium bottles that are now available for a limited time at outdoor events and venues including the Ivy Pool Bar over summer,” said an Asahi spokesperson.

As the beer sponsor of both the Young Ambassadors launch and the launch of the Annie Liebovitz exhibition, Asahi has strengthened its ties with the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Most recently, Asahi has confirmed its sponsorship of the Melbourne series of Secret Wars, the art phenomenon with a cult following that sees live art battles take place in Melbourne’s 1000 £ Bend gallery space.

The Secret Wars ‘rules of play’ see two talented artists face off with just 90 minutes on the clock and two mystery judges determine the winner and a crowd vote acting as a third judge if the two judges disagree.

The beer brand is also celebrating its new partnership with Toko which sees it available for the first time in both the renowned Toko restaurant and adjoining bar Tokonoma in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

Since its launch in 1987 as the world’s first ‘Karakuchi’ or dry taste beer, Asahi Super Dry has come to be closely associated with Japanese culture and style.

It is brewed globally under license.

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