By Clyde  Mooney

Asahi's new distribution arrangement with Independent Distillers will for the first time give the Japanese beer brand its own dedicated Australian sales force, the distributor said.

Independent Distillers this week announced it will distribute Asahi following the Japanese company's acquisition of the distributor late last year.

Independent Distillers expects the new arrangement will increase its annual turnover from $300 million to around $400 million, making them the fifth or sixth largest supplier in the country.

Speaking to TheShout, Independent Distillers spokesperson Michael Smith said the move will ensure availability of Asahi across Australia.

"For the first time Asahi will have its own dedicated sales force of about 30 fulltime people on the product. This will enhance all aspects of the sales and marketing to all outlets, for both draught and packaged products.

"The purpose of the exercise is improvement – Independent Distillers aim to double volume, which will lead to a pretty intense marketing and sales distribution drive around the country."

Foster's Group, the previous distributor was notified last week of the new arrangement, which will begin April 2.

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