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Asahi Premium Beverages has announced the launch of its latest product, Asahi Soukai, a lower alcohol and lower carb beer.

Pronounced “souk-eye” the beer is a 3.5% ABV lager that the company says is designed to cater to “consumers who enjoy the refreshment of premium beer and value the benefits of a lighter and lower carbohydrate alcohol”.

Asahi Soukai will be available in the on- and off-premise from the start of October in 330ml bottles and will add a new level to Asahi Premium Beverages' existing portfolio.

According to the company, consumer insight and preference was at the forefront of product development, with research showing that Australian drinkers are more concerned about their health than ever before. With the target market being “male and female 20- to 40-year-old premium international and mid-strength beer drinkers” Asahi are looking to offer that group a beer option that offers control in alcohol and carbohydrate intake and as well as a “sophisticated” drinking experience.

Michael Vousden, senior category manager – Beer (Australia), is confident that the product will be well received by the market.

"As a business we are excited about the response from consumers around the world who have been asking for a lower alcohol, lower carbohydrate and great tasting beer option," Vousden said.

"Asahi Soukai is the finest choice for our consumers who are educated about health and want to remain professional when conducting business in social environments. We are proud of the Asahi Soukai product and believe in its positioning as it launches into the local market.”

Soukai means ‘refreshing’ in Japanese and the new beer has been created in the same vein as its predecessor Asahi Super Dry. With a similar taste profile, Asahi Soukai is a lower carbohydrate (compared to the leading international premium full strength beer) option in the premium space.

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