Asahi Super Dry has unveiled its latest campaign, which aims to create a new wave of energy to break through to premium beer drinkers.

‘Enter Asahi’ was created by ad agency The Monkeys, in collaboration with both Asahi Beverages in Australia and Asahi Breweries in Japan. According to Asahi, the campaign leverages the brand’s Japanese provenance “in ways that feel authentic but more importantly, interesting, surprising and mysterious”.

The campaign will roll out internationally across broadcast, cinema, OOH advertising, digital, press, path to purchase and on Asahi’s social channels.

“Japan is an exciting and enigmatic place where the traditional and technological collide,” says Ant Keogh, The Monkeys Melbourne chief creative officer. “This was our inspiration for the ‘world of Asahi’.

“We avoided a traditional narrative, and took a more surreal, music-video inspired approach. The loose ‘story’ leads to a mysterious Japanese character who collects giant squid and owns a secret research facility dedicated to pruning the perfect Bonsai tree.

“The idea being that kind of perfectionist would favour precision-brewed Asahi. Having said all that, if people think the ad is cool, Japanese and remember it’s for Asahi, then we’ve probably done our job.”

Michael Vousden, Asahi Premium Beverages Marketing Manager – Beer, adds: “We are very excited to build our foundations for the future and evolve the Asahi Super Dry brand platform and creative proposition into a compelling ‘Enter Asahi’ campaign.”

“The creative impact will cut through to our target and will help recruit the next generation of Asahi Super Dry drinkers in Australia.”

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