Australian liquor producer ASM Liquor have released a new Scotch called the Naked Scot that is free from residual herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.
Naked Scot is a premium blended highland scotch that’s rich in flavour yet boasts a long-lasting and peaty single-malt character.
The scotch is distilled in the Isle of Mull, Scotland and aged for three years before being bottled.
The Naked Scot is the sixth spirit to be released from ASM Liquor, a boutique distillery, who believe in producing products free of chemical impurities at an affordable price. To guarantee the purest smooth-sipping spirits ASM has exclusive agreements with top raw materials suppliers from around the globe.
CEO of ASM Liquor Julian Moss says: “Consumers really have very little choice and frequently pay a premium for poor quality products. Our brands are sexy in style and price tag, but they’re also better quality than many commercially advertised brands in the $70 to $80 range”.
Other spirits in ASM Liquor’s range include Vodka O, Kinky Nero dark rum, Kinky Lux white rum, Jinn Dry Gin and Tequila Blu.
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