By Ian Neubauer

Australian liquor producer ASM Liquor has released a new range of top-shelf spirits supposedly free of chemicals that contribute to hangovers.

The new range consists of Vodka O, Kinky Nero dark rum, Kinky Lux white rum, Jinn Dry Gin and Tequila Blu — all made without residual herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.

“Consumers really have very little choice and frequently pay a premium for poor quality products,” said ASM Liquor sales director, Ben Anderson. “Our brands are sexy in style and price tag, but they’re also better quality than many commercially advertised brands in the $70 to $80 range.”

Liquor Vodka O is produced using an evaporative and charcoal-filtering process. The process is free of all chemicals and distilled with Australia’s purest spring water.

Kinky Nero is a dark Caribbean rum with undertones of cocoa, vanilla and raisins. Kinky Lux is its light-bodied counterpart made from Caribbean sugar cane and aged in oak.

ASM’s Jinn Dry Gin is made via a seven-stage evaporative refining process and infused with hints of orange peel and spice. Tequila Blu is distilled in Mexico from Blue Agave plants matured for a decade. 

ASM Liquor was founded in 2003 by Anderson and his partner, Simon Sibia. Vodka O debuted in 2003 at a single bottle shop — Elizabeth Bay Cellars in Sydney. Anderson delivered his initial runs of 30 cases by motor scooter and stood in the store each Friday night convincing customers to sample the brand.

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