Amid increasing demand for organic wines, Atmata has added a sparkling and Chardonnay to its organic portfolio, rounding out the collection to five wines in total.

Atmata produces 100 per cent organic, vegan-friendly wines using grapes from regions such as Glenrowan, Adelaide Plains and Currency Creek. All of the vineyards abstain from the use of synthetic chemicals, sprays, fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.

Atmata brand manager Dora Cameron spoke to the growing interest in organic and better-for-you wines.

“Conscious consumption is a trend that isn’t going away. Consumers are more aware of what they put in their bodies and where it comes from. We are proud to be producing wines that are respectful of our environment and allow Aussies to choose to enjoy a drink in a way that best suits their lifestyle choices,” she said.

Winemaker Liz Kooij is proud to produce organic wine, as she places great importance on fostering the land to produce the best fruit.

“Organic sparkling and Chardonnay varietals are relatively unexplored spaces in the organic wine industry, and we aim to create organic wines that suits all consumer tastes and occasions,” said Kooij.

The sparkling offers white blossom and pear aromas, with hints of green apple and citrus on the palate, with a subtly creamy mouthfeel. The Chardonnay is medium bodied, with notes of citrus and white fruit on the nose. It is recommended to be served lightly chilled, and either drunk as an aperitif or alongside Asian cuisine, seafood dishes or creamy pasta.

The two new wines accompany Atmata’s existing organic portfolio, comprising a Rosé, a Shiraz and a Sauvignon Blanc. The sparkling and Chardonnay varietals are now available at select independent retailers, with a RRP of $20.

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