Donating to charity just got a whole lot easier with CashConnect ATM Plus devices receiving upgrades to streamline cash donations.

Located in many Australian pubs, clubs and retailers, the ATM deployer Banktech recently started the technology conversions of its 2500 ATMs, adding a bank not acceptor.

The donation transaction is quick and easy and no card is required. Simply touch the screen and select Donations. Choose your preferred charity then insert your cash (notes only). You can enter your phone number for an electronic receipt or wait for a paper receipt/tax invoice.

Banktech’s General Manager, Sales Henry Kiwarkis said this new functionality has been welcomed by the charities: “The charities have done such great work during the pandemic, but with less people handing cash, donations have suffered so we really wanted to do something to help them.”

The first charities to join are Learning Links, Ronald McDonald House Charities, St Vincent de Paul, The Salvation Army, and Youth Off the Streets.

Youth Off the Streets CEO Lex Nadine Lutherborrow added: “This is an innovative and easy way for people to support their favourite charity, and Youth Off the Streets is delighted to be a founding charity partner for ATM Plus”.

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