By Amy Looker in Hong Kong

Wine Australia is using the HKTDC International Wine and Spirits Fair as an opportunity to educate Asian buyer groups on the merits of the screwcap closure, regional director Aaron Brasher has revealed.

Brasher told TheShout that Wine Australia has been informing buyer groups of the research that the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) has been conducting on screwcaps for the last 15 years, "reinforcing that by using a screwcap the wine gets to you as the winemaker intended and not with a dirty piece of bark stuck in the end". 

"Of course there are going to be barriers and cultural prejudices around screwcap but the more we show top Australian wine in these masterclasses under screwcap we can get rid of the notion that it's cheap and cheerful wine," he said.

"It might not be as romantic as cork, but it's not about romance, it's about what's in the bottle. It's all about education and that's one of the pillars of Wine Australia globally and I believe that's what we're doing here." 

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