In one of the most unlikely collaborations of the year, Australian Brewery have teamed up with Messina to produce a limited edition dulce de leche flavoured Gelato Ale.

The innovative combination is brewed at Australian Brewery’s Rouse Hill site and is a fusion of Messina’s most popular gelato flavours, with the complex malt character of the ale.

Head Brewer of Australian Brewery, Daniel Shaw, said it was a great experience creating such a unique and interesting beer.

“We love working in collaboration with other brands and we couldn’t have been happier with Messina who helped bring our idea to life,” he said.

“Using the dulce de leche to create a flavour profile that pushes the limits of what a beer can taste like has been really exciting for our team.”

Messina produces their own dulce de leche from scratch at their Rosebery site, after learning how to authentically make it from the Argentinian experts themselves. They produced a special batch to create the limited edition Gelato Ale, after some trial and error.

Donato Toce, Head Chef and Co-Owner of Messina, said: “To see our dulce de leche turned into a beer has been a really interesting process. We’re really happy with how it tastes – it’s not too sweet but the dulce de leche still comes through in the flavour.”

Despite the contrasting flavours and textures, Australian Brewery and Messina have successfully merged complex malt characters of the brew with the smooth and creamy nature of gelato. The final product, coming after several iterations in the recipe, has fruity tones that compliment caramel-like flavours.

The limited edition Gelato Ale is available now on tap at selected pubs across Sydney and leading retailers across NSW.

Brydie Allen

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