The Melbourne-made vodka, owned by Top Shelf International, has launched the campaign to ‘provide meaningful support’ to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Grainshaker Stands with Ukraine will run for three months and began on March 3 with a donation of $50,000 to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal by parent company Top Shelf International (TSI).

Additional funds will be raised through the sale of specially labelled bottles of Grainshaker Vodka (printing labour was donated by Top Print Productions) via the brand’s website and at the Distiller Bar in Northcote. For every bottle sold, TSI has said it will donate a further $15.

TSI Executive Chairman, Adem Karafili, made the following statement:

“Like the rest of the world, we are watching the distressing scenes unfolding in Ukraine, and our hearts go out to the men, women and children who must be experiencing unimaginable fear and uncertainty right now.”

Karafili explained that the campaign had been created after conversations with the Ukraine Crisis Appeal: “Over the past week, we’ve consulted with the Ukraine Crisis Appeal to develop a campaign that will provide positive support, and most importantly, humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflict.”

The move by Grainshaker comes after calls to boycott Russian-made vodka came from across the global drinks industry. On March 2, The Shout outlined how to get your action right on Russian products, with many ‘Russian-sounding’ vodkas suffering unfortunate side-effects of the rush to take a stand.

Indeed, Grainshaker has acknowledged vodka’s historic association with Russia, while outlining how the spirit is now a global product, created and enjoyed across the world.

In launching Stands With Ukraine, Grainshaker hopes to take proactive, positive action for those affected by the invasion. The campaign forms part of the Grainshaker for Good program, which has previously supported hospitality venues through the many lockdowns of the past two years.

Grainshaker Vodka is produced entirely in Victoria, using Australian grains, and with no association at all with Russia.

Grainshaker’s corn, wheat and rye vodka expressions are all part of this campaign and are available to purchase at the Grainshaker website. Each bottle retails for $59.95.

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