Featuring a unique blend of local and English hop varieties, the innovative brewing team at James Squire have created an easy to drink brew perfect for a hot summer day. The 100% malt beer uses a combination of malts without being too full on the palate.

Its light golden colour, fresh grassy aroma, and distinctive hoppiness makes this limited release lager the perfect accompaniment for every occasion with family and friends.

“We were looking to develop a highly drinkable lager for the hot summer months that will gently introduce people to the flavoursome brews in the craft beer segment,” said Malt Shovel Brewery Chief Brewer, Tony Jones.

“Australian lagers have a defined style that was developed for our hot summers and there has been modest development of this style since the mid 1900s. The 1970s and 1980s saw brewers experiment a little, using increased malt and less cane sugar and introducing European hop varieties to lift the beer flavours while maintaining drinkability.

“Our brewers have taken this concept to the next level, crafting a unique blend of local and English hop varieties to produce a highly drinkable beer. It can be enjoyed by loyal craft beer drinkers as well as being a great alternative to traditional Australian lagers for those new to the segment,” concluded Jones.

Like all James Squire beers, Sundown Lager is a perfect accompaniment to great Australian cuisine. Beer and food matching connoisseur and Sydney-based Chef, Byren Norton-Figtree of The Rose of Australia has created three summer dishes that will perfectly match the subtle, refreshing flavours of Sundown Lager. These include light seafood dishes such as barbeque king prawns or pan seared snapper as well as smoked chicken salad.

“Sundown Lager matches exceptionally well with a wide variety of light cuisines, making it the perfect accompaniment to food over summer,” said Chef, Byren Norton-Figtree of the Rose of Australia. “Its subtle but distinctive taste, pairs perfectly with seafood dishes and summer salads – complementing the flavour, rather than overpowering it.”

 Available as limited release, only 25,000 cases of James Squire Sundown Lager will be produced, so beer lovers should take this opportunity to join the craft beer journey and taste this flavoursome and highly drinkable brew.

Sundown Lager will be available nationally in selected bottle shops from 24 November 2008. RRP: $56.99 per carton and RRP: $17.99 per 6-pack (in S.A. $59.99 and $18.99 respectively).

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