CO23, the first industry-wide conference on climate mitigation, will take place 15-16 June.

The conference will be presented by the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO), with support from Wine Australia. CO23 will be the first conference of its kind for the Australian wine industry. Attendees will be able to hear from climate experts explaining the science behind climate change, as well as from early adopters offering actionable strategies to reduce greenhouse emissions in the industry.

Brooke Howell, vice president of ASVO, stressed the conference’s importance.

“CO23 is the most important conference that wine industry stakeholders will attend in 2023, due to the importance of the topic, its relevance to our future, and the practical solutions it will offer,” Howell said.

According to Howell, the conference takes a more active approach to climate change.

“Previous conferences have included topics on climate change awareness or adaptation to climate change. CO23 is specifically about what we can do to reduce emissions in the wine industry to mitigate climate change,” she explained.

CO23 will detail practical solutions and technologies to assist wine industry stakeholders in reaching the emission reduction targets outlined in Wine Australia’s upcoming Emissions Reduction Roadmap. The roadmap aims to guide the industry to a carbon-neutral future.

Conference highlights include:

  • Understanding the carbon footprint of the wine industry
  • Demonstrating your credentials and demystifying certification
  • Tackling emissions throughout the value chain
  • Carbon capture, use, and storage technologies

The conference will be held in Adelaide, with livestreams to regional hubs in 16 wine regions around the country. Attendees to the regional hub livestreams will be able to discuss the conference in break-out sessions, allowing them to relate the content to their specific regional context.

Whether you are attending in person or via a livestreamed regional hub, Howell emphasised that CO23 attendees will have the “opportunity to learn from your neighbour as much as learning from the experts.”

Registration is now open.

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